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Welcome to
Our Centre

We love sharing what we are passionate about and what we believe children, families, and staff deserve in a childcare centre.

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Our Programs


Infant caregivers focus on meaningful interactions that provide an environment rich in learning through communication. Children are exposed to many types of learning in the forms of sign language, spoken languages, music and movement.


Caregivers recognize the value of supporting children to try new things such as feeding and dressing themselves and helping clean up. This creates a loving, safe and inclusive environment for children to contribute to. 


Children learn by playing, exploring and questioning their own ideas to expand their knowledge of the world around them. Their love of learning and interacting with one another is a powerful reminder that caregivers also continue to learn and grow alongside them.


Staff support children’s ideas and provide a safe environment to explore in by having regular brainstorming sessions with small or large groups of children to find out what they would like to see in the centre for events, activities and supplies. Caregivers then prepare and plan for the children’s activities based on their input. This gives children the ability to lead their learning.  

School Age

Children learn best through play and interacting with others and their environment when they feel safe and respected.


Play expands intelligence, stimulates imagination, and encourages creative problem-solving. Play also develops confidence, self-esteem, a sense of strengths and weaknesses, and a positive attitude toward learning. Literacy, math and science concepts and language and reasoning connecting to the challenges children face in school are all benefits of play.

Treasure Keepers Children’s Centre Inc. works continuously to provide long periods of uninterrupted free play in stimulating environments with attention to quality experiences. Interactions with staff-parent, staff-child, staff-staff, and child-child are carefully considered and promoted. 

Treasure Keeper's Parent Handbook

Click to download a copy of our 2022 Parent Handbook


Our Approach

Our centre focuses on creating connections with children, families, and caregivers in a loving and supportive childcare environment that enables children to grow, learn and challenge themselves.


We find value in listening to each other and learning from one another to build a centre that shares mutual values and goals in an Anti-Bias setting.


Collaboration and communication is the best approach when creating a place for our families to come to every day.  

What Parents Think

“The staff are always friendly and caring, the center provides great communication to parents, and my daughter has had the chance to create great relationships with friends. "

- Meaghan Friedrich

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