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Treasure Keepers Children's Centre

Our Philosophy

Treasure Keepers Children’s Centre Inc. believes in working together with families to bring quality childcare to all. We strive to build strong communication with families by providing open communication about a child's day.  We believe in bringing back the saying, "It takes a Village to raise a child". This is part of our core values to help children grow into inquiring, curious and responsive, and empathetic adults.

Treasure Keeper's outdoor facility

Our Teachers

Our teachers have extensive training in the theory of Circle of Security. This is a program that focuses on the importance of attachment-based relationships. Ensuring children have a Safe Base with their caregiver and parent where they can organize their feelings and feel supported is of utmost importance. Children should feel a sense of belonging in our centre that supports their individuality, independence, creativity, and freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. This is demonstrated throughout our programs by allowing children to make their own choices.


Every opportunity a caregiver can give a child the option for a choice they will. It starts with asking children when they would like to go play outside morning or afternoon and giving them options where they can play, in the play yard, at the bridge, nature park, or go for a walk. Caregivers work on giving children skills to try new things such as climbing a tree.


With a loving caregiver nearby a child is given tools to risk assess and try to climb the tree with critical thoughts for safety and a backup plan such as getting help if they are unable to get down on their own. This approach teaches children to try new things, feel a sense of accomplishment, and be empowered. When children think critically about their safety and how to manage or limit they become confident with all kinds of challenges they may encounter.

Top View of Kids Playing

Children's Sense
of Belonging

 Caregivers want children to feel a sense of belonging and through collaboration with their teachers' children are able to have a say in how their day looks. This shows children that we can listen to their ideas, respect what is important to them and make a safe, loving and inclusive environment for all!

Children's hands playing together

Inclusive & Anti-bias

Staff, children, and families deserve to be part of an Inclusive and Anti-bias environment.


This means creating a community that supports all dimensions of human differences, including culture, race, language, ability, learning styles, ethnicity, family structure, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, and socioeconomic differences.


We don’t claim to know or understand everything. We are open to listening to understand you and your families’ uniqueness and how we can create and support an environment that acknowledges the joy and beauty of differences.

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